Monday, 23 February 2015

Dynamic template options facilitated by Agriya's Taskrabbit clone script

Constructing a niche-specific service marketplace website with richness of web design templates is not any more tricky chore. Agriya cater entrepreneurs like you to establish your own service marketplace website with its advanced Taskrabbit clone script. It gives different template options for you to choose your own desired template design for the website. It also assists your website with all necessary features to operate and run it smoothly. Let's experience the template options availed by this script right away.


Create your new service marketplace website with the front-end design of your own choice. This script facilitates your website with four different kinds of ready-made template designs like wild sand, punch, outer space and crunchy. You can choose any of these template options to change the look and feel of your website. 

In order to give a fresh look to your website, you have to choose and opt for the desired template option. Just make an order, this script constructs your new niche-based service marketplace website within 48 hours.

Final words

Create a new look and feel to your exceptional service marketplace website with the help of this
Taskrabbit clone script. It also empowered many significant features to your website effectively. Reach out on Agriya's official site to gain more information about this script.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

3 Key features used in the creation of Agriya's TaskRabbit clone script

Agriya's TaskRabbit clone script is an absolute ready-made solution for the entrepreneurs to launch their next generation service marketplace website within a short period of time. This exceptional script is completely empowered with forward-looking features which helps them to create a unique place in this service industry rapidly.

In this post, let's experience three exclusive features which are considered as a backbone of creating a safe and secure service marketplace website. The following features are the most vital things to be considered while constructing the website.


This splendid service marketplace website is fully designed and developed with highly stable Java framework which helps your Thumbtack clone website to load quickly and respond your users and you at a faster pace. This platform also provides high safety and security to operate your website.

Play framework

This advanced TaskRabbit clone script is crafted with Play framework which is an open source web application framework. This platform is highly supportive, flexible and dynamic language for creating reliable applications easily. It is very reactive and friendly for any high-performance apps. It also makes use of the latest technology to establish an excellent mobile website, web and mobile applications.


Your microjobs website is powered with excellent database management which helps you to store the website users data and other details safe and secure with this MySQL option. This script is crafted with this option to avail outstanding website data accessing through various platform effectively.

Core theme

The aforesaid are the major and basic features to establish a secure service marketplace website efficiently. Likewise, there are many more interesting features and tools are embedded in this TaskRabbit clone script. Contact Agriya to know more details about this script.

Monday, 7 July 2014

3 Must Have Communication System In Taskrabbit Clone Script

Online marketplace extends its boundary to the service sectors. Agriya explored the demand in the service industry and created an exceptional taskrabbit clone script.

Using this script, you can easily launch a service marketplace website quickly. Numerous features of this script improve the relationship amongst your users. Let’s have a deeper look about all these features.

E-mail templates- It is a tedious process for sending mail regarding each end every progress between the service professionals and the users. So, this script ready-made email templates features for you, which delivers every progression currently on time.

E-mail messaging system- This script provides you an option for both your users and the experts for having an effective conversation process for clarifying their queries easily. This also enhances the strong relationship between them.

E-mail notification alerts- This feature helps both the users and the professionals to be updated about their work-in-progress details like payment details, service transaction terms.

Vital words

This script integrates your website with many such incredible features which enhance the visibility of your website among many users. Contact Agriya to know more information about the best taskrabbit clone script-“Marketplace-Quote”

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Agriya's Black Friday Deal Started

Agriya is all back to thrill you with amazing Black Friday deals of this season. We are offering 20% flat discounts on all our clone scripts, templates, , modules,  and mobile application. Use the coupon code "BLACKFRIDAY" and avail this discount.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Categories Management Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Launching a service marketplace website with beneficial features and revenue option is close to impossible. Agriya proved this statement wrong by developing a taskrabbit clone script. It has the capably and the ability to launch a service marketplace website easily. It has various multi-dimensional features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features of this script.
Categories management : 
You can easily classify the categories in your taskrabbit clone website. With the help of this exclusive feature, you can add, delete, and modify a category. Once you list categories on your website, the user will find the service professionals easily. 
This will add to the user-friendliness in your website. On the other hand, service professionals can list various services under various categories. This will help him to use his diversified talents and provide them various services.
Final word :
Categories management is a user friendly and an admin friendly feature. There are many such adorable features which can help you to differentiate your service marketplace website from the existing websites. Contact Agriya to know about it.

Disqus Comments For Taskrabbit Clone

Agriya’s “Marketplace-Quotes” is an exclusive service marketplace script which creates exceptional taskrabbit clone websites. It acts as a platform to connect users and service professionals. The website developed by “Marketplace-quote” will have splendid features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features will which provide you various benefits.
Disqus Comments :
Disqus comments is the interactive commenting platform which is loved by users, webmasters and service professionals. It has splendid features like voting a particular comment, sharing them in social media websites, adding a comment to favorites, etc. It also provides an attractive profile to the user, where all their comments are visible to the online world. 
Social sharing options attract traffic from various websites and voting a comment will motivate the user to comment again on your service marketplace website. On the other hand, service professional spreads his reach in your thumbtack clone website and social media profiles. 
Final word :
Agriya integrates the best features in your service marketplace website.  The above-mentioned feature is just a diamond from the reassure of features. Contact Agriya to know more about the treasures and fortunes of “Marketplace-Quote” website.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Social Security Verification Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Transformations create a remarkable path to success. A revolutionary transformation took place in the service industry and the dimension of the local service marketplace is added to this industry. Agriya’s “Marketplace-quote” provides you a gateway to enter this industry. It is a service marketplace script which assists you to create a taskrabbit clone website in a short span of time. It has various features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of the business-friendly features of this script.

Social security verification :

A user arrives at your website and he will like to know if the expert is a genuine user. To fuse more confidence in your users, we have added a feature called social security verification. It has the capability to verify his Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and email accounts. This feature is a part of anti-spam mechanism.

Final word :

There are many such features in “Marketplace-quote”. Contact Agriya to know more about the features, revenue options and the verticals of this script.