Monday, 26 August 2013

Dynamic Form Builder For Taskrabbit Clone

The service industry has boosted the popularity of online markets. Major websites like Airtasker, Taskrabbit, and Thumbtack has provided many services and conquered the hearts of millions users. Agriya’s “Marketplace-quote” is a leading taskrabbit clone script which helps you to set up a service marketplace website easily. It has many features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at it.

Dynamic form builder :

Variety is the unique way to attract more users to your website. It is important to know their requirements and serve them happily. Understanding this demand, we added a feature to this taskrabbit clone script.

This feature allows the admin to generate a form for every category. It helps the website admin to add various services, expert to understand all the requirement of the users.

Final word :

The above mention feature is a piece of gold in the goldmine. Contact Agriya to extract every essence of this gold mine.

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