Thursday, 29 August 2013

FAQ Management For Using Taskrabbit Clone

Do you wish to create a service marketplace website like thumbtack in 72 hours? Opt for the global standard and supreme quality thumbtack clone script from Agriya. It is popular by the name of “Marketplace-Quote”. From the name to the feature, everything is crafted to provide you a hassle free experience of building a thumbtack clone website. Let’s see one of its features.
FAQ management :

To understand a service easily, a user may ask some questions. These questions can be about the terms of service, expected time frame, requirements for a service, etc. Some of these questions are frequently asked by the users. So we have integrated a FAQ system in the service page, which will help the users to clarify some usually asked question. This feature also saves the time of the service professionals and the users.

Final word :

There are many such leading-edge features, which are exclusive build to provide benefits to users, service professionals and the webmasters. Contact Agriya to know more about it.

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