Monday, 19 August 2013

Bootstrap Design For Taskrabbit Clone

“Marketplace-Quote” is a sensational thumbtack clone script which has collectively saved $80,000 of various webmasters by developing a cost-effective service marketplace websites. It has launched many niche service marketplaces in various zones of the world.

These websites are getting a lot of users and are popular in their zones. They attract many users and service professionals to their website. They have utilized all our features and revenue options to earn money easily. Let’s see one of its splendid features.

Bootstrap design :

Agriya has taken special efforts to design each pixel of the webpage in bootstrap design.  So, when a user lands on your website he finds the right elements at the right place. These designs are responsive and adapt your website design according to various screen resolutions. This makes your website optimized for various devices as well.

Final word :

There are many such beneficial features in “Marketplace-Quotes” which are specially crafted to provide benefits to webmaster, user and the service providers. Get in touch with Agriya to know more about the features and revenue models of “Marketplace-Quote”.

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