Saturday, 17 August 2013

PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway

While the world is eyeing for business opportunities, Agriya timely surprises the service marketplace world with the launch of a flexible business-friendly script “Marketplace-Quote”.  It is an exceptional script which assists you to step in any kind of service marketplace industry ranging from local chores to robotics.

This script helps you to start a service marketplace website in a short span of time. This script has many surprising features which are specially crafted to provide various benefits to you. Let’s see one of its beneficial features.

PayPal adaptive Payment gateway :

This feature is specially crafted to make payment system as easy as a cake walk. When a users pays the fees of the service provider, the website commission is automatically deposits in website owner’s PayPal account, the PayPal transaction fees is automatically deducted and the service provider gets the fees of his service in his PayPal account. This feature automates the entire payment mechanism in your service marketplace website.

Final word :

There are many beneficial features like the above-mention lucrative feature. Agriya will not only give you this script, but also provide you different business ideas to use this script. Get in touch with Agriya to know more about it. 

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