Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Categories Management Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Launching a service marketplace website with beneficial features and revenue option is close to impossible. Agriya proved this statement wrong by developing a taskrabbit clone script. It has the capably and the ability to launch a service marketplace website easily. It has various multi-dimensional features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features of this script.
Categories management : 
You can easily classify the categories in your taskrabbit clone website. With the help of this exclusive feature, you can add, delete, and modify a category. Once you list categories on your website, the user will find the service professionals easily. 
This will add to the user-friendliness in your website. On the other hand, service professionals can list various services under various categories. This will help him to use his diversified talents and provide them various services.
Final word :
Categories management is a user friendly and an admin friendly feature. There are many such adorable features which can help you to differentiate your service marketplace website from the existing websites. Contact Agriya to know about it.

Disqus Comments For Taskrabbit Clone

Agriya’s “Marketplace-Quotes” is an exclusive service marketplace script which creates exceptional taskrabbit clone websites. It acts as a platform to connect users and service professionals. The website developed by “Marketplace-quote” will have splendid features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features will which provide you various benefits.
Disqus Comments :
Disqus comments is the interactive commenting platform which is loved by users, webmasters and service professionals. It has splendid features like voting a particular comment, sharing them in social media websites, adding a comment to favorites, etc. It also provides an attractive profile to the user, where all their comments are visible to the online world. 
Social sharing options attract traffic from various websites and voting a comment will motivate the user to comment again on your service marketplace website. On the other hand, service professional spreads his reach in your thumbtack clone website and social media profiles. 
Final word :
Agriya integrates the best features in your service marketplace website.  The above-mentioned feature is just a diamond from the reassure of features. Contact Agriya to know more about the treasures and fortunes of “Marketplace-Quote” website.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Social Security Verification Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Transformations create a remarkable path to success. A revolutionary transformation took place in the service industry and the dimension of the local service marketplace is added to this industry. Agriya’s “Marketplace-quote” provides you a gateway to enter this industry. It is a service marketplace script which assists you to create a taskrabbit clone website in a short span of time. It has various features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of the business-friendly features of this script.

Social security verification :

A user arrives at your website and he will like to know if the expert is a genuine user. To fuse more confidence in your users, we have added a feature called social security verification. It has the capability to verify his Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and email accounts. This feature is a part of anti-spam mechanism.

Final word :

There are many such features in “Marketplace-quote”. Contact Agriya to know more about the features, revenue options and the verticals of this script.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Google Analytics

Create the next amazons of local service by using Agriya’s “Marketplace-Quote”. It is a service marketplace script which has the capability to launch an exclusive taskrabbit clone website. This script is a combination clone of thumbtack, airtasker, redbeacon andtaskrabbit.

It is very popular in the online industry for its features and revenue options. It allows the admin to create a revenue model. Let’s have a look at one of the multi-dimensional features.

Google Analytics :

Agriya has provided a special provision in the script which allows you to integrate the website tracker code. Once you update the code, you can track the ad, traffic demographics and various other statistics by using Google analytics.

Final word :

There are many such features which provide various levels of benefits to webmasters, users and service professionals. You can apply this script for various verticals. Contact Agriya to know more about it.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Social Media Connectivity

Striking the demand and providing a supply is one of the best entrepreneurial strategies. In today’s world, various users want to find a right service at an affordable price. So you can use this opportunity and create a service marketplace website.

There are many ways to TaskRabbit clone website. Clone script is one of the easiest, fastest and cost-effective ways to develop such a website.
Agriya’s Marketplace-Quote is a TaskRabbit clone script which assists you to create a service marketplace website in 72 hours. It has dynamic features and inbuilt revenue options. Let’s see one of the features.

Social media connectivity :

Your TaskRabbit clone website will be empowered with social media connectivity. By using this feature, users can login your website using their social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare.  With some clicks user can register and login on your website. This feature adds to the user-friendly experience of the website.

Final Word :

All the features in “Marketplace-Quote” provide various benefits to you, users and the service professionals. Check out the demo of the "Marketplace-Quote" and have a look at all the features and revenue options.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Email Templates

Are you looking for a multi-featured taskrabbit clone script at an affordable price? Agriya’s Marketplace-Quote is the right script for you. It is a service marketplace script which assists you to launch a Taskrabbit clone website easily. It has business friendly features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of the features.

Email Templates :

Composing an email for each and every action is a complex task. We made this task easy. Agriya has crafted well-written and simple email templates.

When an action like forgot password, hired notification, Welcome email occurs on your website, an email is sent to the users automatically. This feature provides the maximum level of comfort to the webmasters. They can edit the email templates according to their convenience as well.

Final word :

There are many features which will compliment your Thumbtack clone website. Contact Agriya to know more about this splendid Taskrabbit clone script.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Site Information Management Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

An amazing transformation has occurred in the online industry. It helped users to trade on services. This opened an opportunity for various service professionals and entrepreneurs to step in this industry.

Agriya provides a ladder which will help you to climb the heights of success easily. They have developed a TaskRabbit clone script which has the ability to launch a business friendly and lucrative TaskRabbit clone website.

There are many exceptional and exclusive features in the script. Let’s see one of the features.

Site information :

Site information management feature helps the webmaster to update, manage and control major website details like twitter link, Facebook link, slogan of the website, Captcha system, etc.  Once he updates here, the script will assign the links to Facebook and twitter icons in the webpage.

Final Word :

There are many simple to handle and exceptional features which are designed to provide maximum comfort to the users, webmasters and the service professionals. Contact Agriya to know more details about the tri-beneficial script.