Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Categories Management Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Launching a service marketplace website with beneficial features and revenue option is close to impossible. Agriya proved this statement wrong by developing a taskrabbit clone script. It has the capably and the ability to launch a service marketplace website easily. It has various multi-dimensional features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features of this script.
Categories management : 
You can easily classify the categories in your taskrabbit clone website. With the help of this exclusive feature, you can add, delete, and modify a category. Once you list categories on your website, the user will find the service professionals easily. 
This will add to the user-friendliness in your website. On the other hand, service professionals can list various services under various categories. This will help him to use his diversified talents and provide them various services.
Final word :
Categories management is a user friendly and an admin friendly feature. There are many such adorable features which can help you to differentiate your service marketplace website from the existing websites. Contact Agriya to know about it.

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