Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Disqus Comments For Taskrabbit Clone

Agriya’s “Marketplace-Quotes” is an exclusive service marketplace script which creates exceptional taskrabbit clone websites. It acts as a platform to connect users and service professionals. The website developed by “Marketplace-quote” will have splendid features and revenue options. Let’s see one of the features will which provide you various benefits.
Disqus Comments :
Disqus comments is the interactive commenting platform which is loved by users, webmasters and service professionals. It has splendid features like voting a particular comment, sharing them in social media websites, adding a comment to favorites, etc. It also provides an attractive profile to the user, where all their comments are visible to the online world. 
Social sharing options attract traffic from various websites and voting a comment will motivate the user to comment again on your service marketplace website. On the other hand, service professional spreads his reach in your thumbtack clone website and social media profiles. 
Final word :
Agriya integrates the best features in your service marketplace website.  The above-mentioned feature is just a diamond from the reassure of features. Contact Agriya to know more about the treasures and fortunes of “Marketplace-Quote” website.

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