Monday, 2 September 2013

Email Templates

Are you looking for a multi-featured taskrabbit clone script at an affordable price? Agriya’s Marketplace-Quote is the right script for you. It is a service marketplace script which assists you to launch a Taskrabbit clone website easily. It has business friendly features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of the features.

Email Templates :

Composing an email for each and every action is a complex task. We made this task easy. Agriya has crafted well-written and simple email templates.

When an action like forgot password, hired notification, Welcome email occurs on your website, an email is sent to the users automatically. This feature provides the maximum level of comfort to the webmasters. They can edit the email templates according to their convenience as well.

Final word :

There are many features which will compliment your Thumbtack clone website. Contact Agriya to know more about this splendid Taskrabbit clone script.

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