Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Social Security Verification Feature For Taskrabbit Clone

Transformations create a remarkable path to success. A revolutionary transformation took place in the service industry and the dimension of the local service marketplace is added to this industry. Agriya’s “Marketplace-quote” provides you a gateway to enter this industry. It is a service marketplace script which assists you to create a taskrabbit clone website in a short span of time. It has various features and revenue options. Let’s have a look at one of the business-friendly features of this script.

Social security verification :

A user arrives at your website and he will like to know if the expert is a genuine user. To fuse more confidence in your users, we have added a feature called social security verification. It has the capability to verify his Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and email accounts. This feature is a part of anti-spam mechanism.

Final word :

There are many such features in “Marketplace-quote”. Contact Agriya to know more about the features, revenue options and the verticals of this script.

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