Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Social Media Connectivity

Striking the demand and providing a supply is one of the best entrepreneurial strategies. In today’s world, various users want to find a right service at an affordable price. So you can use this opportunity and create a service marketplace website.

There are many ways to TaskRabbit clone website. Clone script is one of the easiest, fastest and cost-effective ways to develop such a website.
Agriya’s Marketplace-Quote is a TaskRabbit clone script which assists you to create a service marketplace website in 72 hours. It has dynamic features and inbuilt revenue options. Let’s see one of the features.

Social media connectivity :

Your TaskRabbit clone website will be empowered with social media connectivity. By using this feature, users can login your website using their social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare.  With some clicks user can register and login on your website. This feature adds to the user-friendly experience of the website.

Final Word :

All the features in “Marketplace-Quote” provide various benefits to you, users and the service professionals. Check out the demo of the "Marketplace-Quote" and have a look at all the features and revenue options.

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